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House rules

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Dear Guests!

In order for your stay in the private seaside rental property "Zušu Sēta" would be a lot more pleasant and rules understandable, below is an outline of useful information.

Important to discern two types of vaction rental options:

  • Seaside Villa - option to rent out the whole house for up to 6 adults + 2 children.

  • Apartments (2-story) - option to rent out an apartment for up to 2 adults + 2 children. 

“Zušu Sēta” details

Address: “ZUŠI”, Bērzciems, Engure parish, Engure district, LV 3113



  • Seaside Villa: Zususeta (password: Zushuseta20)

  • Apartments: ZusuKlēts (password:

Owners' phone number: 

  • +37129130223 (IVO)

  • +37125414767 (ANETE)

Restaurant "CAFE VIZBULI"

Call to order food or drinks: +3712942934 (Mārcis)


Local delicacies (sea food):

Call to order local seafood: +37126676283 (Iveta)


Full-body massage and other SPA treatments (min. 2 people):

Call to arrange: + 371 28378212 (Diana)


Emergency phone number: 112 (Police, Firemen, Ambulance)


Security PIN code (alarm): (will be given before arrival)

Terms for Online booking

1. By making a reservation directly with the host through this website, you avoid paying the additional commissions charged by booking platforms (e.g., Airbnb); 

2. The booking fee includes the rental price intended for accommodation up to recommended capacity for each type of rental options. An additional charge of 30 EUR per person applies for every guest beyond the recommended guest count. Please notify us in advance if you plan to have more than recommended guest count staying at either of the rental options. 

  • Villa: recommended guest count is 6 people. Sofabed option for additional 2 people. 

  • Apartment: recommended guest count is 2 people. Sofabed (small, appropriate for children) option for additional 2 people.


3. The booking is confirmed once we'll have received a security deposit of EUR 150, which will serve as collateral for possible damages and other unforeseen costs to cover. The security deposit will be refunded to your bank account within 5 working days after your departure.

4. The payment for the invoice with the full booking fee must be paid 1 month ahead of the check-in date. Failure to do so will result in a cancelled booking and a lost security deposit. In case the dates you want to book are less than a month from now, you'll have 2 working days to pay for the invoice.


5. All invoices are issued electronically. The payment method is bank transfer or online payment with a bank card. By paying the security deposit, you confirm that you have read, accept and will follow the Terms of Use. In addition, you agree with processing your personal data for the purpose of providing accommodation for guests and for the provision of additional services.


Essential terms of use

1. If you have received the keys, the security code and entered your selected rental option on “Zušu Sēta” premises, means that you are entitled to use the house or apartment as accommodation, leisure or work environment, to have the time of your life, absorb energy, improve yourself, enjoy the magic of a seaside village and the power given by nature;

2. You can safely use the facilities, equipment, installations and inventory, taking into account the intended purpose of their use, at no additional charge. In case something is accidentally damaged, we expect full compensation.

3. Utilities: water supply, electricity supply, heating, sewerage, municipal waste removal are available 24/7 and are included in the booking fee. Any intervention with the infrastructure in operation (heating, electric fuses, wiring etc) is allowed only with the host's knowledge and permission.

4. Consumables (firewood, grill charcoal, incendiary liquid, household chemicals etc.) can be used but must be replenished before your departure.

5. For Villa only: Sauna is also available at the property at no extra charges. Please set such a temperature in the sauna (recommended up to + 90 C) and heating time (recommended up to 1 h) to avoid health risks of overheating. After using the sauna, please, turn it off so it wouldn't burn out the heating elements and waste energy resources. Ventilate the sauna area so that moisture does not damage the property. It is forbidden to bring and consume alcohol and to use sauna brushes which leave marks on the wooden material. Sauna's moisture level can be increased by pouring water (without added scents) on the stones. Please sit on towels when enjoying the sauna experience. 

6. We recycle: glass containers, plastics and bio-waste are separated and placed separately in places designated by the host. When leaving the property, the waste must be delivered to the specified waste disposal sites in Bērzciems (the village “Zušu Sēta” is in). 

7. In the summer season we install a wooden footbridge into the sea and a floating wooden terrace (pontoon). Our guests can use it to store belonging when going swimming and also as a place to sunbathe, drink tea or coffee, and take in the calming scenery. The maximum number of people on the terrace - 4 (four) people, on the footbridge please observe the distance of 2 m, because too much weight in one place can damage its structure. For relaxation and comfort, light garden furniture can be brought onto the terrace. Please, bring them back to the villa or apartment when leaving the seaside.

8. When leaving your accommodation the fixtures and fittings must be left in their designated places, the premises should be clean, tidy and in the condition you received them. A reasonable amount of property wear is acceptable. 

9. Behaviours which will NOT be tolerated:

  • indoor smoking;

  • parties;

  • animal accommodation;

  • noise after 23.00;

  • socially and otherwise inappropriate behaviour.


In case of a failure to comply with this provision or not complying with the essential terms of use in their entirety, the Guest must count on an additional fee of at least 100 EUR. The penalty/property damage is assessed on a case-by-case basis.


10. COVID-19. Although you might be visiting from another country, we urge you to be respectful and follow Latvia's COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines. 

11. Look after yourself and your guests. Let's protect the environment and be respectful of nature - we are part of it!

We wish our guests to enjoy their stay in our well-looked-after seaside cottage. We hope that our investment will bring you peace, joy, and happiness!


Life should be enjoyed! 




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