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There is quite a lot to do in the surrounding area. Whether you are into more active lifestyle or just want to see something new, Bērzciems has things to offer.

Get a bicycle


You can rent out bicycles to explore the nearby villages or the 25km stretch between the Baltic sea and lake Engure.



Cafe Vizbuļi

A great local place to enjoy traditional seafood dishes made with fresh fish.

Rideļi mill&fish


A nice place to relax by renting a boat and fishing on the lake! Opportunity to have a meal (recommend pancakes and cranberry moonshine) at a local café!

Rideļi 2 _photo.jpg

Lake Engure 1st boat base


Rent out a boat with oars or electric motor to roam the 17 km long lake. Prices are friendly, a 2h boat ride with an electric motor will cost 20 EUR. Arrive by 20:00 to arrange a rental.

Mersraga baka 2_photo.jpg


Great place for walks by the sea, seeing both the rocky sea and the white sand beach, a nice place to relax, swim in the summer season! Good access and parking by the sea side



ENGURE nature park

Great place for walks to enjoy nature, climb the view tower, see the lake, get to know the wild cows and horses (yes, you can pet them). 

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